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Water Project

Yendi Water Project

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Can you drink water in which animals bath and defecate in ???

Help Us to Help save a life

Yendi is a town in the northern region of Ghana which has a high rate of youth prone to critical health conditions due to lack of clean water. 

Titans of Africa is embarking on a mission to bring clean water to 1000 people. 

One step closer to goal

Titans of Africa has conducted all feasibility studies and analyzed thoroughly all needs for this mission to be successful.  


Donate to support

We are raising 25,000 USD to fund the completion of the Yendi Water Project. Your contribution will make a huge impact.

Partner for the cause

Partner with us for our clean water mission. Our mission is to bring clean water to all communities that need it.

Let's End This !

And Bring This !

To make sure they smile everyday !

“When GOD calls us for a cause, no matter how hard it is HE makes it easy”. 

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